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Wer es noch nicht mitbekommen hat: FanTeam macht mal wieder einige Änderunge. Ich denke dass das gute und längst überfällige Änderungen sind. Nachfolgend der entsprechende Blog-Eintrag von FanTeam:

We have decided to make a couple of changes to daily fantasy football (standard 11 player format), that we think will improve the user experience: Safety Net and max 3 players per club.
Safety Net
It is often difficult to predict which players that will start in upcoming games. To reduce the times players will end up with less than 11 players, and in effect have little chance to win, we introduce Safety Net. It works like this:
If a player does not start his match, he will be replaced by an automatic sub if possible. The system will look for a replacement player who
1) is from the same club as the original player
2) plays in the same position as the original player
3) costs the same or less as the original player
All three conditions need to be met. Then the system will pick the player with the highest price and put him in place of the original player. (If there are no replacement players that meet all three conditions, the user will not get any replacement players and the original player will stand). There is no limit on how many replacement players a team can receive.
Tiebreaker rules when two or more replacement players costs the same. The system will choose
– the player with the most fantasy points in recent matches, ‘form’
If the players are equal on this point, the system will pick
– the player with the most fantasy points so far in the season
If still equal, the system will pick
– alphabetically
If a player does not start the match, but comes into play at a later point in time, he will still be replaced. However, if a player starts the match, but get subbed out at some point, he will not be replaced.
This rule is in effect from September 24th, 2019 and applies to all football tournaments. (The only exception is the Serie A tournament starting the 25th).
Max 3 players from any club
Lately, we have allowed unlimited number of players from a club, but the feedback from our customers have been that they want the old system back; maximum 3 players from a club. We have listened to the feedback, and frankly we too would like to reverse the trend where you have players from only 2 or 3 clubs on your team. In our view, fantasy should be more about evaluating single players, than picking clubs you think will win.
So, with effect immediately *, we set a limit of only 3 players from any club. This should be a popular decision and help making the games more enjoyable! 

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